We believe in the future of South Africa and in the leading technological and economical role of South Africa in Africa. The key to the sustainability of these roles can only be achieved through the development of human capital. We constantly strive to contribute to this, not only by the training and professional development of our staff, especially the younger members, but also through our interaction with client structures and our approach to project development.

The user groups benefiting from infrastructure or services programmes are regarded as an integral part of any project. We endeavor to transfer the required skills and knowledge to the stakeholders and thus contribute to sustainability.

We believe that natural resources should be managed wisely and we actively strive to contribute to this through the nature of our projects, creative thinking, creating awareness and our personal attitude.

Through our association with the XZA group of companies, WETCON has access to various professional skill sets, and often collaborate with regard to:

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Systems Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Geo-hydrological Services
  • Geological Services
  • Geo-technical Services
  • Environmental Consulting
  • Social Consulting
  • Social Services
  • Construction
  • Computer Engineering