Water Related Infrastructure

  • Source Development
  • Pipelines
  • Pump Installations

Sewage Related Infrastructure

  • Sewer Networks
  • Sewer Pump Installations
  • Wastewater Treatment Facilities

Water Quality

  • Sampling and Assessment
  • Facilitate Technological Solutions
  • Monitoring of Treatment Plant Operation

Rural Sanitation Infrastructure

  • Technological Assessment for On-site Sanitation
  • Programme Development
  • Infrastructure Design
  • Programme Cost Estimation
  • Procurement Management
  • Implementation Management, including Quality Management
  • Financial Management
  • Social Consulting
  • Construction and Project Management Skills Transfer to Small Emerging Contractors


  • Hydrological Assessment
  • Flood Line Establishment

Program & Project Management

  • Action and Cost Plan Development, from small projects to large programmes

O&M Management

  • Maintenance Management Systems Development, Incorporating a Task Management System and Purpose Designed Database (based upon client and infrastructure requirements)
  • Maintenance Management System Operation
  • O&M Requirement Analysis
  • O&M Budget Compilation

Infrastructure Refurbishment

  • Clinics
  • Office Buildings
  • Hospital Waste Water Treatment Works
  • Electrical Installations, Supply, Reticulation, internal
  • Boiler and Steam Systems
  • Large Scale Air Treatment
  • Water Treatment Systems

Including the following aspects:

  • Project Specification Compilation
  • Procurement
  • Project Supervision to Completion
  • Contractor Management
  • Financial Management

OHS Management

Occupational Health and Safety Monitoring and Management Services

Compliance to Occupational Health and Safety Requirements is both a legal and moral obligation. The health and safety of both the public and construction staff receives high priority on construction sites.

We are extensively involved in OHS Compliance Monitoring during the construction phase of Water and Sanitation Infrastructure Projects, and endeavor to assist and support both contractors and construction staff, especially in rural areas, to comply with OHS legislation and requirements.

OHS Management Services

  • Compilation of Clients’ OHS Specifications
  • Facilitation of OHS Training
  • OHS Management Plans
  • OHS Legal Compliance Monitoring and Management

Social Intervention and Skills Transfer Programs

The sustainability of infrastructure projects depends heavily on sound operational and maintenance practices and the commitment of the user groups to understand and address the technical challenges.

We believe that the client group in infrastructure projects, especially the public, has a direct interest in the infrastructure to be rendered. Strategies are developed to address client-based requirements and challenges pro-actively. To determine and implement these strategies effectively, there is a core focus on educating and capacitating the user group to take co-ownership of the project and infrastructure.

We have developed specific programmes in this regard, and will endeavor to enhance the provision of technological solutions to the requirements and capacity of the user groups.

The company acknowledges that South Africa is challenged by a critically low skills level in the technical field. With a high rate of technical positions vacant, especially on local authority and the Governmental level, the company endeavors to contribute towards meeting this challenge.

We believe that the key towards sustainability is through the development of the youth of South Africa. They need to be capacitated to effectively address these challenges. The company endeavors to contribute humbly to this.

Our services include:

  • Development of Social Intervention Programs
  • Development of skills transfer material
  • Facilitation and roll out of User Education and Skills Transfer Programs to the management and users of infrastructure
  • Establishment of a continued support system to assist users and management of infrastructure with challenges experienced in sustainable operation and maintenance of the infrastructure. This includes regular monitoring and capacitating maintenance contractors with knowledge about the sustainable maintenace of specific technologies